Why oh why do the seemingly majority of women have a negative perception of themselves? I know this can apply to men too – but in my line of work I especially come across this in women – so this will be the focus of my blog today.
How many times have you said ‘I take a terrible photograph’? Or ‘I HATE seeing myself on film’, or ‘I hate listening to recordings of myself’?

‘I’ll do that video (or photo shoot) when I’ve lost a bit of weight’.  ‘I need to grow my hair first’, ‘I’ve got a spot’, ‘OK I’ll do it but I need a Gin first’!
My Mum is a classic example.  Recently I spent the day with her for Mothering Sunday.  I wanted to dig out a baby photo of me for use in an earlier blog (which of course you’ve read – cute, wasn’t I?).  We started going through boxes of old pictures and we found these studio shots of her in her youth:
She has always hated these pictures of herself.  She has always believed (due to an extremely negative family environment, which I can only assume sprang from extreme jealousy) that she was ugly.
I think these pictures are stunning and to put it to the test I put them up on Facebook and Instagram.  The response was overwhelming.  And guess what? Not ONE negative comment.
Ugly is probably the one word I have NEVER, EVER heard from ANYONE to describe my mother.  The word most commonly used to describe my mother is ‘glamorous’.  Others are: kind, clever, funny, loving, loyal.
This is her now at 80:
(Yes she does have amazing skin and is practically wrinkle free – seriously #nofilter)
I still think she looks amazing.  She is also one of the most loving and giving people I know. She is my best friend, confidante and the most wonderful human being.  I cherish her.  And I know others cherish her too.
So the next time you say to yourself ‘I hate seeing pictures of myself’ remember my mum.  Then close your eyes and try to remember all the compliments that you have been given – they will come back to you I promise.
Then you will be able to see yourself how you are seen through the eyes of others and know just how truly beautiful, magnificent and loved you are.
What is the best compliment you have received this week? Share them in the comments below!