It’s not all bad news ……

As we roll into week 6 of Lockdown I have been forced to re-evaluate many things.  I had great intentions of keeping my business ‘running as usual’ albeit maybe slightly differently.  I was going to go to networking meetings on Zoom, finally progress the Podcast I have been meaning to launch and do a gazillion social media posts so people won’t forget me.  All the things, in fact,  I have been urging my clients to do. 

However, the reality is very different.  I have a six year old child.  I had forgotten how dependent children still are at this age.  And my priority in life right now, is and always will be his wellbeing.  This means most of my magnificent plans have had to be put on hold.  Mainly because my son is VERY comfortable in front of the camera (and also a bit of a diva like his mum) so zoom calls as I quickly found out are out of the question as James needs to have the lion’s share of the spotlight!  Likewise for interviewing and editing podcast audio – quiet is needed and unfortunately I don’t have a ‘shed-quarters’ to banish myself to.

The solution?  To stop fretting and beating myself up over what I can see my competitors doing, realise that everyone has different circumstances, and for me, well it means that I can’t do everything that I wanted to. I am still writing content for my newsletters (which I just know are the highlight of my client’s week!), I can still create the odd blog post like this one and keep visible on social media even if it is not quite the way I intended (ie producing a lot more video content).  I am still showing up in Facebook groups, connecting people via email, taking phone calls and helping out where I can.

Home schooling and keeping my son entertained, happy and safe during these times is what is most important to me right now.

We are discovering new things together, creating new things together (see our modelling debut – Shaun the Sheep, pictured) and enjoying the closeness that this brings. 

Now I have let go of all the ‘I should be doings’ I actually feel a lot better.  I know my loyal clients will be there for me at the end and that future projects will come.  But for now, I am really just enjoying the full on magic of being a Mum.

The moral of this story?  You don’t have to do EVERYTHING.  Doing something is quite enough.