You may have gone to ground………… but it doesn’t mean your business has to

Well.  Here we are.  Sliding into week three of the Coronavirus lockdown.

I am sure that the past couple of weeks have seen BIG changes to your life, let alone your business.  More than likely you are having to battle with suddenly having a spouse at home full-time and dealing with home schooling the kids.

No wonder alcohol sales are up.  You may well feel like throwing in the towel and saying ‘F*** it. It’s over. I’m Done’.  But I would urge you to hold that thought.

Whilst it is true that due to this period of imposed isolation those businesses who have an online presence have been able to pivot quickly and still get in the sales, it really doesn’t mean you can’t do the same with a little imagination and ingenuity.

I mean, for instance take my business.  Suddenly finding yourself in lockdown when you have just launched a filming offer is less than ideal! 

As on-site filming is out of the question, I am having to adapt and offer things that I can do from my home.  So I am now supporting small businesses like yours by halving my hourly rate for the following services:

  • Graphic design for social media
  • Background designs for online calls such as Zoom (if you don’t want to invite all and sundry into your living room!)
  • Video and sound editing – turn yours and your client’s self-shot videos into a branded production piece
  • Animated graphics – for those who REALLY don’t like getting in front of the camera
  • Graphics and animated graphics for presentations, online courses
  • ALL Online trainings (Camera confidence, Editing:  How to turn your video into a Production Piece)
  • Creation of music intros and outros for Podcasts (so now you have no excuse to get on with launching one!)

Why am I doing this?  Because I know how important it is to stay VISIBLE during this time.   So put down that wine glass, and start thinking outside the box if you don’t have a business that you think transfers itself that easily to online.  How can you ‘show up’ so that your clients don’t forget you? 

You need to be thinking about these things and more importantly taking action because believe me your competitors are.

If you are really stuck and need some inspiration I’m happy to chat to you to see if I can help.  Book your FREE 15 minute call with me HERE. and I guarantee you will come away with LOADS of great content ideas to keep your business not only visible, but head and shoulders above the competition.

So get your thinking caps on!  I wish you all every success.  Stay well, stay safe and see you on the other side!