I have to say that running my own business makes me hyper aware of marketing and what I should be saying and when.
I also have to say that as such all these so called ‘Awareness Days’ (although some are informative and some fun) do sometimes really get on my nerves (I mean, National Tortilla Chip Day, really?! Who made that a ‘thing’ (as if I didn’t know)?).
However, I did come across one earlier this month called ‘find a rainbow’ day. This made me smile not least because I have always loved rainbows and their wonderful colours.
In my line of work as a videographer light and colour are extremely important to me. However this got me thinking of other ways of finding rainbows that are not directly through the camera lens.
Let me ask you: When was the last time you truly stopped and looked around you? When was the last time you really drank in and appreciated all the wonderful colours of nature that surround us and that we so often take for granted?

This picture was taken on a recent trip to Cliveden.  It was great to walk and breathe the fresh air and stop to look at the flowers.  I loved watching the golden daffodils swaying in the breeze.  There is something infinitely cheery about daffodils!

Sometimes it is good for us to just stop. To step outside our busy schedules, our work, our hectic home life and remember what it was that made us smile as a child. To see the wonder and re-find the pot of gold in the rainbows that surround us.

How many rainbows will you find today? Let me know in the comments below!